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With, our students are always at the heart of what we do. That’s why our online learning program is easily adapted to your level, location, and style. 

French, Spanish & Creative Writing 

Our classes follow you.

home: How it Works

Georgette Paré is a retired university instructor based in Calgary, Alberta.

Her formal education is in Theatre and Fine Arts.

Georgette has developed integrated arts curriculum and offered international courses via University of Calgary as well as cultural tours to Mexico for over 20 years. Georgette is a dialogue guru. She loves language and all creative forms of communication. Paré inspires everyone to be present, tell their story and listen to others'. 

Testimonials: is fuelled by Georgette's enthusiasm, your curiosity, imagination, and the endless opportunities of online education.

- Bev Marshall (Calgary, AB)

Founder, Georgette Paré has been teaching languages, creative and performance art to all ages for over 25 years. She is a world traveler and brings a spirit of fun and adventure to every lesson.  - Lynn Moen (Calgary, AB)

"Georgette is fluent in the languages she teaches and makes learning fun.  I look forward to her classes"

- Terry Van de Geer

"As a recovering engineer, I have a special appreciation for the way Georgette encourages the creative side of my personality. No matter the day or the circumstance, Georgette seems to always find a technique or a suggestion to release the creativity of her students."

Mark Larson (Calgary, AB)

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